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Pecan PieEvery time I post anything on Instagram these days, I get numerous requests for the …2018-11-23 01:21:54
Easy as Apple PieTo be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the traditional apple pie. The shortcrust …2018-02-21 17:08:27
Traditional British Christmas CakeGiven that we’re now at the beginning of February, It’s hard to imagine that this …2018-02-05 10:21:03
Citrus tarts ~ A belated Thanksgiving two-for-one!My children were both born in America, which means that we’ve been able to legitimately …2017-12-12 09:53:05
Authentic Sicilian CannoliFrom the moment I discovered cannoli, I have been determined to make them. Deep-fried pastry …2017-11-22 00:34:54
‘Instant’ Chocolate Chip CookiesWhen you have a reputation for baking, your visitors will often expect you to have …2017-11-15 09:35:32
Dark Chocolate and Orange EclairsI recently visited the Cake and Bake Show at the London ExCel, on the lookout …2017-11-03 17:46:05
Unicorn CakeIf you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest or Instagram lately, you will have no doubt noticed …2017-10-24 00:24:53
Modelling ChocolateSo it’s almost time to make my daughter’s birthday cake, and I’m busy racking my …2017-09-17 00:30:34
Cherry ClafoutisI love cherries. I genuinely can’t get enough of them, and will happily eat my way …2017-09-02 01:15:11
Strawberry TartWhilst scouring Youtube for new recipes and techniques, as I often do, I stumbled across …2017-08-29 23:37:28
Perfect Strawberry JamIt’s mid July, and I’m just in time to catch the very best strawberries this …2017-07-20 10:25:26
Iced biscuits – thank you notesI am a huge fan of decorated biscuits. They were a big catalyst for my …2017-07-13 17:34:55
‘Mini Beast’ cakeAt my daughter’s school, I’ve got a bit of a reputation for making cakes – quell …2017-07-09 16:52:40
Gluten-Free Banana BreadI am  not allergic to gluten, and I am certainly not into this whole gluten-free …2017-06-25 15:47:13
Buttercream flower basket cakeIt’s was my auntie’s 80th birthday last weekend, and I had been champing at the bit to …2017-06-01 13:00:53
Asparagus and red pepper tartI’m a nightmare when it comes to buying bakeware. Every time I see something new …2017-05-28 22:21:23
Churros and chocolateAfter a very late and very big Sunday lunch, I can’t face eating much for …2017-05-22 15:39:06
Sourdough StarterI can’t wait to post my favourite sourdough recipes. But I can’t in good conscience …2017-05-14 10:09:20
Lemon CakeSo I decided to make a cake for my friend to cheer her up. And …2017-05-13 23:03:52
Lemon CurdI’m planning on making a cake at the weekend, and I want to put some …2017-05-10 11:57:21
Pain de MieAs the long bank holiday weekend continues, it looks like we’ve run out of bread …2017-05-03 11:22:01
Chocolate and Raspberry CakeI don’t need much of an excuse to make a cake. My friend Katie is coming over …2017-04-26 10:44:58
Homemade Easter EggI’ve always liked the idea of making my own Easter egg, but honestly, who can be …2017-04-13 23:39:13
Texas-style KolacheI discovered kolache in Texas this spring, and cannot stop eating them, or talking about them. The traditional Czech …2017-04-10 11:20:09
Seville Orange MarmaladeI thought I’d missed Seville orange season this year. I’d been far too busy with …2017-04-04 09:10:28
Coconut MacaroonsWell, it’s been a year now, so it’s probably time to write another post. I …2017-03-19 21:15:09
Taking pictures: Creme Egg shortbreadI wouldn’t call myself a novice at taking pictures, I’ve had an iPhone since 2008. We …2016-03-11 09:12:07
All because the boy loves… cakeSo here it begins. My obsession with all things baked needed somewhere to manifest; A …2016-02-09 00:00:56