‘Instant’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you have a reputation for baking, your visitors will often expect you to have some fabulous cake ready when they stop by. On more than one occasion I've had to watch someone's face fall when I explain that there's nothing special in the house. Not that I would mind having cake all the time, but … Continue reading ‘Instant’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dark Chocolate and Orange Eclairs

I recently visited the Cake and Bake Show at the London ExCel, on the lookout for some new bits and pieces to bolster my ever expanding bakeware collection. I did my best to be as well behaved as possible though, as we're going through a big clear out at the moment, so coming home with … Continue reading Dark Chocolate and Orange Eclairs

Unicorn Cake

If you've been anywhere near Pinterest or Instagram lately, you will have no doubt noticed the trend for unicorn cakes. And whilst I often like to avoid making anything 'trendy', because I'm just too cool for school, I knew that my daughter would absolutely love one for her upcoming 5th birthday. So after a good … Continue reading Unicorn Cake

Cherry Clafoutis

I love cherries. I genuinely can't get enough of them, and will happily eat my way through an entire punnet in one sitting. You can get cherries all year round nowadays, but out of season they're usually not very sweet, and also horrendously expensive. So when fresh, seasonable cherries are readily available, I go a bit … Continue reading Cherry Clafoutis