Citrus tarts ~ A belated Thanksgiving two-for-one!

My children were both born in America, which means that we've been able to legitimately appropriate some wonderful new holidays into our annual calendar. Independence day is a confusing one... But my favourite, hands down, has to be Thanksgiving. However, some of the traditional foods are highly questionable to me. Whilst green bean casserole has … Continue reading Citrus tarts ~ A belated Thanksgiving two-for-one!

Authentic Sicilian Cannoli

From the moment I discovered cannoli, I have been determined to make them. Deep-fried pastry tubes, filled with sweetened ricotta, and punctuated with candied fruits, chocolate, and nuts - they truly are delicious. I've had a couple of failed attempts at making the shells already, but with a new-found determination, I'm ready to take them … Continue reading Authentic Sicilian Cannoli

Dark Chocolate and Orange Eclairs

I recently visited the Cake and Bake Show at the London ExCel, on the lookout for some new bits and pieces to bolster my ever expanding bakeware collection. I did my best to be as well behaved as possible though, as we're going through a big clear out at the moment, so coming home with … Continue reading Dark Chocolate and Orange Eclairs