Traditional British Christmas Cake

Given that we're now at the beginning of February, It's hard to imagine that this recipe could be any more redundant. I've just been super busy lately, and this post has been lingering in limbo since mid November. So, I'm not entirely sure how useful this is going to be for anyone else right now, … Continue reading Traditional British Christmas Cake

Unicorn Cake

If you've been anywhere near Pinterest or Instagram lately, you will have no doubt noticed the trend for unicorn cakes. And whilst I often like to avoid making anything 'trendy', because I'm just too cool for school, I knew that my daughter would absolutely love one for her upcoming 5th birthday. So after a good … Continue reading Unicorn Cake

‘Mini Beast’ cake

At my daughter's school, I've got a bit of a reputation for making cakes - quell surprise! So when there was a school picnic coming up, and I was told my one of the teachers that "you can bring something for the picnic from home if you want to... maybe something that matches the 'mini beast' … Continue reading ‘Mini Beast’ cake