‘Instant’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you have a reputation for baking, your visitors will often expect you to have some fabulous cake ready when they stop by. On more than one occasion I've had to watch someone's face fall when I explain that there's nothing special in the house. Not that I would mind having cake all the time, but … Continue reading ‘Instant’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

Iced biscuits – thank you notes

I am a huge fan of decorated biscuits. They were a big catalyst for my current obsession with baking, and I have made endless batches to give as gifts, to impress guests, or for the sheer enjoyment of creating something beautiful and then devouring it! I genuinely believe that food makes the best gift. And … Continue reading Iced biscuits – thank you notes

Coconut Macaroons

Well, it's been a year now, so it's probably time to write another post. I got really bogged down in the idea that my blog needed some overarching perspective - almost like I was authoring a lifestyle recipe book - and in the absence of a clear vision it's been very hard to continue. In the meantime I've baked loads … Continue reading Coconut Macaroons