Traditional British Christmas Cake

Given that we're now at the beginning of February, It's hard to imagine that this recipe could be any more redundant. I've just been super busy lately, and this post has been lingering in limbo since mid November. So, I'm not entirely sure how useful this is going to be for anyone else right now, … Continue reading Traditional British Christmas Cake

Citrus tarts ~ A belated Thanksgiving two-for-one!

My children were both born in America, which means that we've been able to legitimately appropriate some wonderful new holidays into our annual calendar. Independence day is a confusing one... But my favourite, hands down, has to be Thanksgiving. However, some of the traditional foods are highly questionable to me. Whilst green bean casserole has … Continue reading Citrus tarts ~ A belated Thanksgiving two-for-one!

Authentic Sicilian Cannoli

From the moment I discovered cannoli, I have been determined to make them. Deep-fried pastry tubes, filled with sweetened ricotta, and punctuated with candied fruits, chocolate, and nuts - they truly are delicious. I've had a couple of failed attempts at making the shells already, but with a new-found determination, I'm ready to take them … Continue reading Authentic Sicilian Cannoli