Perfect Strawberry Jam

It's mid July, and I'm just in time to catch the very best strawberries this year has to offer. Although you can get British strawberries anywhere from May to September, it's fair to say that the best tasting and sweetest strawberries, you'll find in June and July. If you can find a punnet of small, ripe … Continue reading Perfect Strawberry Jam

Iced biscuits – thank you notes

I am a huge fan of decorated biscuits. They were a big catalyst for my current obsession with baking, and I have made endless batches to give as gifts, to impress guests, or for the sheer enjoyment of creating something beautiful and then devouring it! I genuinely believe that food makes the best gift. And … Continue reading Iced biscuits – thank you notes

‘Mini Beast’ cake

At my daughter's school, I've got a bit of a reputation for making cakes - quell surprise! So when there was a school picnic coming up, and I was told my one of the teachers that "you can bring something for the picnic from home if you want to... maybe something that matches the 'mini beast' … Continue reading ‘Mini Beast’ cake