Taking pictures: Creme Egg shortbread

I wouldn’t call myself a novice at taking pictures, I’ve had an iPhone since 2008. We have a lovely DSLR camera, but I’ve never bothered to read the manual. The flash never does what I want it to, sometimes it refuses to focus – you know the sort of thing.

But if I’m serious about writing this blog, I have to learn. Last week I enlisted help from a reluctant Phil. He took some pretty good ones actually, but I need to be able to do this myself.

So it’s time to get to know my kitchen.


It seemed only ‘authentic’ to just take pictures of my actual kitchen. So I did. I want this blog to be aspirational.

Actually, in the other direction, it’s not so bad. I recently bought a 3 litre Le Parfait preserving jar, which I’m just in love with. I started making all my own bread a while back, so having a huge jar of the good stuff right on the counter is amazing.


I love all my things, actually.

So whilst I’d been very focused on learning to use the camera, I kinda forgot to get it out until everything was made. Yeah, that’s a not a joke, that actually happened. So here they are! I made these Creme Egg shortbread squares for my niece’s birthday party this weekend. These things are pure sugar! You can google the recipe – I’ll link to it if I can figure it out. Edit: Here it is.

They’re really sickly, but the kids are bound to love them. Phil gave one to the girl earlier in the evening, apparently she loved it. She was up until at least 11pm, so I think they’re just right for the party.


Honestly though, THIS is why I love this recipe. After I’d neatened up all the edges and shoved all the pieces I could into my 3.7 litre container, all this was still left over. I’ve eaten most of it now, and feel very bloated and ill.


I would say that these are my three favourite photos. I tried to go for the artsy look, but I had to stand all the way out the door to get the camera angle. I don’t think I can be bothered with that.

Luckily, I remembered that I had taken a picture on the iPhone earlier that was already on Facebook.


That actually looked quite good. I probably should have stuck with that one.

I am now an expert at taking pictures. Expect even greater strides in my next work, including, just possibly, pictures of me making some food.

Please hold your applause.

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  1. Thank you! As you can tell, I am just getting a feel for the website, but excited to start doing something properly soon 🙂 Yes, these certainly are sugary – I am sure I will be blamed for all sorts of poor behaviour at the weekend 😀

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