All because the boy loves… cake

So here it begins.

My obsession with all things baked needed somewhere to manifest; A record of my trials and tribulations, my endless struggle towards perfection, and my constant need to learn and master new techniques.

Or perhaps I’ve started this blog to help highlight those areas where I am yet to tread, so I have ever more reason to continue on; A map of my baking past, and a hint to my baking future.

Or maybe I’m just a bored housewife, documenting her spiral into diabetes.

Either way, this will serve as a record, a codex of sorts, to pass on some of the knowledge that I have gained since I fell in love with baking.

I think baking is not only great fun, it’s also pretty easy. It can take a lifetime to master, but you can usually knock up something totally passable on the first attempt, as long as you read the recipe carefully, and don’t eat half the batter before it goes in the oven.

But the best thing about baking, is that it makes people happy.

So let’s join together and bring about world peace, by eating cake.

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